Beahu SCM Core features

Product Sync

Create products on BeahuSCM, and automatically publish to OpenCart, Amazon, shopee and Shopify platforms with real-time inventory update.

Order Processing

Automatically obtain orders from OpenCart, Amazon, Shopee, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms, review orders, match products with inventory SKU, import external orders in bulk, and process orders in bulk.

Warehouse Management

Real-time synchronization of shipping and inventory to OpenCart,
Amazon and other e-commerce platforms

Delivery Management

With one click, the goods can be shipped from the warehouse after the confirmation of the order. The inventory can be automatically deducted and synchronized with the inventory to each sales system to create a logistics list, and customers can query the logistics track.

Financial Management

Manage order payments, product cost price.
Supplier settlement, invoice management.

Purchasing Management

Supplier management, material purchase control, purchase list, purchase approval, purchase optimization

Customer Service

Connect to online shops and handle customer service in one place, such as inquires, product return and reviews.

Performance Stats

Analyze orders, sales, cost, inventory with reports and optimize marketing and warehouse flow.

Marketing Activities

Track order performances, customer activities, marketing performance.